bowandblade: (Confident and relaxed)
For a moment, while they stand in the void with Zo and the machine, Gilgamesh looks at those gathered and feels proud of humanity.

It's fleeting, but it's there. He smiles as he steps away from talking to Zo, waiting for the sensation that would mark this detour in his life that was living within the Tower.

He returns to his restored world exactly where he left it -- in a heap of debris, having fallen there after Saber's Excalibur went through him. He rests there despite its discomfort, bizarrely comforted by the Servant vessal he's returned to; the time within the Tower had left him in disgust for those wireframe bodies.

Unlike before, his soul feels rejuvenated, so it doesn't take long for him to pull himself up and to his feet. He tilts his head and looks around, then up at the darkened sky.

He opens a gate, stretching it wide to release an almost invisible vehicle -- what could only be considered a ship of light to sail the stars. He'd never felt particularly interested in what was beyond his own world until now.

Taking a seat, he rises from the broken city street and up into the sky. He'd be back soon enough to finish out this war.

But for now, he had someone he wanted to find.